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Horseback Riding in Eureka Springs

If you're seeking an exhilarating and unconventional way to explore the Ozark Mountains, then jump into the saddle and explore the woodlands on horseback. You'll ride through lush greenery and mountain country scenery that would make Bob Ross (you know...the painter of happy trees) envious. And if you've never ridden a horse before, that's okay. Further on in this article, we'll talk about a few stables where the owners are old hands at guided horseback tours.

Why You Should Go Horseback Riding

As Henry David Thoreau once wisely observed, "In wildness is the preservation of the world." And what better way to experience that wildness than on the back of a trusty steed? Horseback riding is a marvelous activity that can bring you closer to nature. It's a chance to escape the clutches of the concrete jungle and embrace the untamed beauty of the Ozark Mountains. So, let's take a brief side trail and go over the benefits of a guided horseback tour through these enchanting landscapes.

Foremost, a guided horseback tour near Eureka Springs is a pleasant respite from the hustle and bustle of modern life. As you mosey along the trails, unburden your mind and soul from the worries of the world, and find solace in the rhythmic gait of your horse. The smooth sway of the saddle and the verdant scenery is a gentle reminder we are all mortals, needing a break every once in a while.

These guided tours are an opportunity to delve into local history and lore. With local ranch hands as your guides, your ride will become a living history tour through the countryside, where pioneers roamed the hills and outlaws sought refuge in the shadows. A guided horseback tour is not simply a ride through the mountains, but a ride through time itself, in a landscape that has remained untouched.

During your tour, you may come to realize horseback riding is more than just a leisurely activity. It becomes a transformative experience—a chance to reconnect with your primal self, to find calmness amid chaos, and to uncover the simple joys of nature and peace within ourselves.

The untamed wilderness awaits, ready to reveal its secrets to those who dare listen. As Thoreau himself would say, "Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads." And atop a horse, you can touch the sky while keeping your roots firmly planted in the earth.

Keels Creek Trail Rides

For an unforgettable horseback tour in the idyllic region of Eureka Springs, look no further than Keels Creek Trail Rides. This esteemed establishment beckons riders of all levels on a journey that will leave hoof prints on their hearts. Led by seasoned guides with a wealth of knowledge and a touch of whimsy, these tours offer a delightful blend of adventure and camaraderie.

As you meander along picturesque trails, you'll soon discover that Keels Creek Trail Rides has mastered the art of fun, yet tranquil horseback rides. So hop into the saddle, because life is too short to stay stuck in the same track—let Keels Creek Trail Rides take you on the trails less traveled.

Hidden Valley Guest Ranch and Stables

Nestled in the heart of Eureka Springs, this ranch offers horseback tours that will leave you yearning for more. Their trusted ranch hands, whose knowledge of the trails, rivals that of the forest creatures themselves, they'll take you on a ride through rugged terrain and scenic vistas that will ignite your sense of wonder. From meandering creeks to sweeping meadows, each stride will bring you closer to the pulse of nature and forge a bond with your gentle horse. Hidden Valley Guest Ranch and Stables is your gateway to a world of untamed wilderness, where memories are etched with each hoof print of your trusty steed.

Horseshoe Canyon Ranch

This remarkable ranch invites you to join their guided excursions and experience the harmonious dance between man and horse. Atop your well-trained four-legged companion, you'll traverse diverse landscapes, from sun-drenched meadows to winding canyons, all while being regaled with lively anecdotes and fascinating historical tidbits by your guides.

These equestrian expeditions are not just a ride, but a chance to leave the modern world for a time and connect with the heartbeat of nature itself. For a leisurely morning or afternoon ride, let Horseshoe Canyon Ranch be your guide to an experience like no other. It's not everyday you get to view life from the back of a horse. You just might gain a whole new perspective.

When the Ride is Over

After a day of exploration and exhilaration, make your way back to All Seasons Luxury Properties and treat yourself to a well-deserved meal, where the aroma of sizzling steaks and hearty fare fills the air. Or raise a glass and share those memorable experiences from the trail. On the other hand, your body might call for a soothing bath or a restful slumber atop mattresses quilted from the clouds of heaven. Whatever you need after a day in the saddle, you'll find the perfect accommodations with us.